What Causes Sciatica, And How To Help It?


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Sciatica is the terminology used to describe leg pain and possible numbness, tingling or
weakness in the leg. This kind of pain usually has its epicenter in the region of the lower
back and extends through the buttocks, hind thighs and lower parts of the leg.
Sciatica on its own is not a medical diagnosis, rather it is a symptom of something that is
interfering or trapping the sciatic nerve.

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One of the most common causes of sciatica is a bulging/herniated disc in the lower back.
A disc is rather like a sponge and they sit in between the vertebrae of the back and are
made up of a jelly-like material that act like shock absorbers. Sometimes the outer walls of
the disc can become weak, this can cause the disc to bulge/herniate outwards, and if this
touches a nerve in the back it can pinch that nerve and lead to symptoms of sciatica.

Another very common cause of sciatica is disc degeneration. If a disc becomes worn and
torn it can start to lose some of its liquid that makes up the jelly-like material. If this occurs
then the volume/height of the disc is affected so that the vertebra above and below the
disc become closer together. If the vertebrae get too close together then the nerve that
extends out from the spinal cord in between the two vertebrae gets pinched.

Following a detailed examination to discover the root cause, gentle chiropractic
manipulation of the bones in the back over a period of time, massage techniques to loosen
the tight muscles associated with the condition, along with specific exercises to strengthen
the muscles that protect the back, have been proven to be an effective way to treat

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