Simple Back Care Tips for Gardeners


back care tips for gardeners

There is no sight more satisfying than a gorgeous garden complete with brilliantly coloured flowers, perfectly manicured shrubs, and perhaps a few rows of flourishing crops. Unfortunately, for some gardeners, creating a garden, whether it has simple design or a true celebration of nature can result in significant back pain.

If you want to create a beautiful garden without suffering from back pain afterwards, the following simple back care tips for gardeners are exactly what you are looking for.

Wear comfortable and appropriate shoes

While it may be easier to slip your feet in a pair of sandals before heading outdoors, this can wreak havoc on your back over time. It is recommended that you wear shoes that offer good cushioning, provide ample arch support, and can be tied. Also, be certain to wear socks, because they will absorb any moisture created by sweating and decrease the risk of slipping.

Take 5 to 10 minutes to stretch before you begin

Your muscles, particularly those in your back, are less susceptible to injury and work better when they have been given time to loosen up. It’s a good idea to consult your chiropractor for appropriate warm up exercises. It may also be helpful to walk a few laps around your garden before any strenuous work begins.

Take rest and stretching breaks every 30 to 45 minutes

If you stay in the same position for a long period of time, particularly if this involves bending down or leaning over, you are almost certain to experience back pain. It is important to note that your back muscles are paired side by side, so it is important to take breaks that allow your muscles the chance to relax. This prevents one side from feeling too tense.

It is recommended that you complete the same stretching exercises you did initially, as well as leaning from side to side while shaking out your shoulders and legs.

Invest in a kneeling stool and wheelbarrow

There is a good chance that you are going to be lifting some heavy items when you’re in the garden, which often puts significant strain on your back. Ask a neighbour or family member for help loading and unloading these items in your wheelbarrow and use it to transport them. If you spend a lot of time kneeling on the ground, it is a good idea to purchase a kneeling stool. This will significantly help to protect your joints and knees.

Keep in mind that everything in your body is connected. Therefore, protecting your feet, joints, and knees will also help to protect your back too.

Use the correct tools for your size

If you are using tools that are too heavy or too short to provide you with the easy access you need to reach things, this increases your chances of straining your back. Opt for tools that are lightweight and have extensions or long handles.

Be sure to keep your shears sharp to prevent you from wasting energy snipping the same area again and again. Additionally, get rid of heavy watering cans because they can also place an unnecessary strain on your back. Finally, invest in a gardening belt to ensure your tools are easily accessible. This will prevent you from having to continuously bend over and pick things up.

Pay attention to your posture

Poor posture can cause considerable back pain, so be certain to lift and bend correctly. When lifting items, bend your knees, lean over from your hips, and keep your back straight. If you have difficulty doing this, you may want to invest in a back brace to help you maintain appropriate positioning while you are lifting and bending.

It is entirely possible to have a gorgeous garden without ever suffering from back pain. Simply incorporate the tips above into your gardening routine for a pain-free way to enjoy your garden.

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