Proof that Chiropractic is Effective in Treating Low Back Pain!


chiropractic lower back pain

We all suffer from lower back pain from time to time. Studies have shown that chiropractic is effective at treating lower back pain.

Many of us have experienced painful symptoms in the lower back over the years, and the irony is that nobody is immune to lower back pain. It is a common misconception that lower back pain is a set of symptoms that usually comes with ‘over doing it’. In fact, office workers as well as manual workers can suffer the symptoms that come with pain in the lower back.

And it is not surprising, as when we sit at our desks for long periods of time we are overloading the joints and muscles of the back. Although you are not aerobically exercising and you may feel ‘at rest’, some joints and muscles are working very hard to keep you in this posture. The popularity of standing desks in the past few years is a response to the damage to health done by prolonged periods of sitting.

Hold your pen in your right hand out in front of you with a straight arm. How long can you hold it there before the muscles in your arm start to hurt? If you are like me then not very long! The muscles that support your back are no different, and even though the chair in which you sit takes some of the strain, the muscles are still playing their part.

Scientific research shows that chiropractic is effective in the treatment of lower back pain. In a study by Senna & Malachy 2011, spinal manipulation therapy (SMT), of which chiropractic is one discipline, was shown to have significantly better outcomes on the symptoms of lower back pain than those who received sham adjustments (a group designed to make the participant believe they were having SMT in order to remove the placebo effect).

In other words, this study not only shows that chiropractic works for alleviating lower back pain, but it also shows that chiropractic quite clearly is not a placebo treatment.

So it doesn’t matter how you get your pain in your lower back, albeit from a hard day of manual work or a hard day in the office, chiropractic should always be considered when it comes to desiring an effective, affordable and non-invasive form of care.

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Senna, Mohammed K. MD; Machaly, Shereen A. MD. Does Maintained Spinal Manipulation Therapy for Chronic Non-specific Low Back Pain Result in Better Long Term Outcome. Spine (Phila Pa 1976) 2011 (Aug 15); 36 (18): 1427–1437


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