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golf and chiropractic

With Help to Health Chiropractic Clinic residing directly opposite a golf club, we could hardly not dedicate a special page towards the glorious game!

We all know that golf can be the most exhilarating game in the world as well as the most frustrating! How is it that on one day you can shoot the best round of your life that would even give Tiger a run for his money, and yet on the very next game it is as if you have never played the game before?

Two key elements of a successful round are maintaining a healthy physical state and a healthy mental state. Unfortunately chiropractors can not help with the mental state of golf. That will always remain a mystery! However, the physical state is something that we can most definitely help with. Potentially it could even be argued that chiropractic care could help form part of a plan for lowering your handicap!

The Key To A Better Swing?

Improved flexibility – Regular stretching of the muscles increases their flexibility. However, injury to your joints can inhibit muscle flexibility and prevent the joint from gliding through its full range of motion. Successful treatment of your injury will allow your joints to function to their full potential. Studies have also shown that chiropractic care can increase a muscle’s flexibility even in a healthy working joint! (see reference *1.)

Improved Strength – It stands to reason that the stronger you are the further you can hit the ball to reach the green in fewer shots. Chiropractic care has been shown to have positive effects on muscle strength (see reference *2.). Part of a chiropractic schedule is to strengthen the muscles and joints to prevent future recurrences of the same injury.

Avoiding Injuries in Golf

The Right Equipment – Make sure your clubs are the right height and weight for YOU. Hand-me-downs are a wonderful gesture but can be disastrous. Over time even the slightest miss-match can result in injury due to golf’s repetitive nature.

Footwear – The average round is about 4 miles long and very rarely on the flat. Correctly fitting golf spikes are essential in helping your ankles, knees, hips and back remain at their peak for longer. Also, where possible, avoid metal spikes.

Keeping Fed & Watered – Most club golfers average between 75 and 100 shots per round. Approximately a third of those shots will be putts. So potentially the ball is hit hard on 2 out of every 3 occasions. That is a LOT of physical stress on the body requiring plenty of energy to sustain a high level of performance for an entire round. Drink plenty of water and take on some solids as well. Otherwise fatigue may well set in, increasing your chances of incurring an injury. (And best to leave the hip-flask behind – a “tipple” will only dehydrate you further, so save it for the 19th hole!)

Play Clever – Why waste energy carrying your heavy golf bag? Use a trolley, or better still hire a buggy. Save your energy for beating your friends!

Keep Warm – Golf is one the worlds most popular pastimes and courses can be busy. Keep your joints and muscles warm before each tee shot by doing some simple stretches that literally take seconds. Come and find me in my office for some quick and helpful advice.

Most importantly have fun and stay safe with these handy tips. However, should the worst happen and you sustain an unfortunate injury Help to Health Chiropractic will be right on site to aid you successfully back to fitness.

Golf Injury Specialists in Rayleigh

Help to Health are specialists in golfing injuries and rehabilitation. We are based in Rayleigh, Southend and offer a full range of chiropractic services.


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2. Botelho & Andrade. Effect of Cervical Spine Manipulation Therapy on Judo Athlete’s Grip Strength. JMPT. 2012
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