Chiropractic for Lower Back Pain


low back pain chiropractic

Lower back pain can be a hugely debilitating physical sensation and it is something that millions of people suffer with each and every year across the globe. For some, non-surgical, drug-free remedies are the way to go, and chief amongst those treatment options is chiropractic.

What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is the diagnosis, treatment and subsequent prevention of musculoskeletal disorders associated with the bones, joints and muscles.

The practice is generally carried out using the hands and, as such, it may commonly be referred to as a ‘manual therapy’. That being said, some chiropractors do employ the use of devices and other treatments.

The main area of focus is, as you may expect, the spine. Chiropractors manipulate the spine in order to realign it and improve a patient’s posture. Many people are surprised at just how much of an impact their spines have on their day-to-day lives and how the regular neglect of this vital part of body can affect other areas.

Chiropractic treatment can, in some instances, help people gain relief and also prevent further episodes from occurring. This is largely thanks to both the manipulative therapy and the sound advice offered on diet and lifestyle by many practising chiropractors.

Key chiropractic techniques for lower back pain

While your own personal treatment will depend upon the initial diagnosis of the problem and the way in which your chiropractor sees fit to proceed, the vast majority of lower back pain problems will be treated in a similar fashion. Spinal manipulative therapy – often referred to simply as spinal manipulation – is practised by chiropractors in order to achieve relief from a number of problematic back disorders.

The underpinning philosophy is that much of our overall health and wellbeing is centrally controlled by the alignment of the spine, therefore the aim of the manipulation therapy is to bring realignment back into your body. Controlled force is used on certain areas so as to improve physical function of the patient and provide some relief from the pain that they may be experiencing.

Realignment of the spine is often associated with a reduction in the amount of pressure being exerted upon the central nervous system. Massage is often also incorporated into the treatment plan for lower back pain as the practice encourages blood flow, thus helping the body to heal itself.

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