Ice Packs In Winter? Are You Joking?


ice packs in winter

Autumn is upon us, the nights are drawing in, the mornings are darker for our daily commutes and worst of all its getting cold. The balmy summer days are but a distant memory now it seems, but at least we can not complain that we didn’t have a summer this year.

It is often at this time of year that in my clinic I notice another change. This change is that many people find they suffer more with some aching joints and muscles. It can’t be coincidence, it happens every year. It has been attributed to the change in temperature, it has also been attributed to the change in air pressure. Whatever the cause my advice is not to panic. The effects are usually short lived.

Another reason that aches and pains may be more prevalent at this time of year may be the reduced frequency of using our friend the ice pack. I have a few conversations daily with patients that feel it is too cold to use an ice pack at this time of year. Ice packs are an excellent form of anti-inflammatory. The cooling temperature slows down the rate at which the chemical reactions of inflammation occur and therefore have the nice effect of reducing ones inflammation.

Good ways of counteracting the cold while you use an ice pack are to have a cup of tea or soup while you do this, or hug a hot water bottle even! However you decide to get around it, using the ice is still an essential part of keeping your aches and pains away, whatever the time of year.

As always, if symptoms persist then make an appointment at Help to Health chiropractic, as sometimes a little extra help may be needed.

Take care everyone, stay warm!

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