Speeding Up Sports Recovery With Chiropractic Care


sports injury recovery chiropractic

If you have played sport for any length of time, one thing that you are sure to have noticed is the seemingly indiscriminate nature of injury. Pulls and sprains happen all the time, and in some cases they can leave the unfortunate sportsperson out of the game for quite a while.

Thankfully, however, there are measures you can take to speed up your recovery and get you back on the road to full fitness. Visiting your local chiropractor may help you recover, and it may even go some way to preventing more injuries occurring in the future too.

Chiropractic treatment can help with minor sports injuries, and specific problems which may arise from sports injury.

Common sports injuries

We often look on in awe as we watch top-flight sportsmen and women perform miraculous feats in their chosen fields. They are so far ahead of the way we play the game it can almost feel as though they are not built the same as the rest of us. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

All of our bodies are prone to the same types of injury. Sure, the intense regular training and having professional medical staff on hand 24/7 goes a long way to making the pro sportsperson a lot less fallible than you or I, but injuries can still happen. We’ve all seen athletes pull up on the track and footballers writhe around in agony after what appears to have been just an innocuous kick of the ball, something they’ve done a million times before.

Sometimes it can be an underlying problem that causes the injury to surface. Spinal and joint problems can put strain on the rest of the body without us barely noticing something is wrong and over time we slowly compensate for the minor niggle which gradually makes things worse.

Common injuries can be caused by this neglect and continuing to play sport without addressing the underlying issue will almost certainly leave you in some discomfort further down the line.

Just some of the issues chiropractors regularly deal with are:

• Lower back pain
• Neck pain
• Calf and hamstring pulls
• Tennis elbow
• Golfer’s elbow
• Achilles tendon problems
• Rotator cuff injuries (shoulder pain)
• Groin strains
• Thigh injuries

How a chiropractor can help

Visiting a chiropractor can often help you get to the root of the problem, allowing you to recover quickly and giving you firm foundations upon which you can build up a level of resistance to further injury. Rehabilitation is not an easy process and it requires work from both you and your chiropractor to get results, but with patience and persistence those results may come.

sports injury recoveryBy focusing on the skeletal and muscular structure of your body, a good chiropractor will be able to assess your injury and return your body to a state fit for recovery. Joint function and proper alignment of the skeletal system are both vital for your rehabilitation. Putting these things right early on in the recovery process will allow you to return to your sport of choice far quicker in the long run.

Whilst you are being treated, your chiropractor will also look for weaknesses or imbalances in your body. These subtle areas can often be the root cause of a sporting injury and realignment by manipulation can help to get your body in the best state possible for recovery. Simply by realigning these affected regions of the body, your chiropractor can prevent you from making any awkward movements that may further hinder the rehabilitation process. Realignment may also help to prevent further problems occurring once you return to full fitness.

The importance of listening to your body

One thing that you can do to help your recovery be as short as possible is to not ignore any minor aches or pains you may be experiencing. These minor irritations are so often the cause of more serious injuries later on.

By addressing these issues as early as possible you are giving your body the best opportunity to look after itself. Neglecting to read the signals that our bodies send us can often cause great pain at a later date, pain that can leave you on the sidelines for considerable periods of time.

So, if you are experiencing any aches and pains cused by participating in sport a visit to your local chiropractor may help you recover quickly and keep future problems at bay.

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