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Here at Help to Health Chiropractic safety is our main priority and we strive at all times to create a safe and happy environment for all aspects relating to the provision of chiropractic care.

Patient health is therefore at the forefront of our minds, alongside maintaining the current high standards in safety of course!

It is with this in mind that a few changes have been made to the clinic and treatment provision in order to keep you and your families, as well as myself and my own safe until things can start to return to some sense of normality.

Please read the following list of mitigating actions (changes) that have been put in place for all of our safety, but please understand and acknowledge that these changes only serve to reduce risk and not to eliminate it completely.

After reading this statement it will still be your decision whether you wish to come to the clinic for treatment, and no judgement will be passed if you decide that you do not feel ready to go ahead at this time.

For Patients To Inform Mark At Time Of Booking An Appointment

Have/are you or anyone in your family or anyone that you have come into contact with suffered/suffering with any symptoms relating to COVID-19?….cough, fever, breathing difficulties, loss of taste/smell.

Do you/any of your household or regular contacts suffer with any condition that may put you/them in the ‘greater risk’ category?….respiratory problems, diabetes, >70 years old, pregnant etc.

Changes to the Treatment Experience

  • There will no longer be a reception area. This is now effectively your car in the car park. When you arrive please telephone the clinic to let me know that you are here. I will either say to come in straight away or I will ask you to wait for a short time. If this happens then please just sit in your car and I will call you from the clinic entrance…so keep an eye out!!
  • Whether it is time to come in immediately or you are asked to sit tight, I will open and close the door at the entrance to the clinic as well as the door to the treatment room. This will avoid anyone other than myself needing to touch the door handles and therefore reducing contact contamination risk.
  • You will be asked to provide yourself with and wear a face mask at all times inside of the clinic.
  • Once inside the clinic you will be required to use the hand sanitiser situated on the table as you walk in. The hand sanitiser is automatic and therefore you will not need to touch this.
  • Patients must place all personal items e.g. wallet, mobile phone etc. inside a small bag provided by yourself. There will be no chairs or table surfaces for you to place items on until further notice to reduce contact contamination.
  • Patients must enter the clinic in the exact clothes that they intend to undergo treatment or an assessment in. This therefore means that no coats, jackets, scarves, hats etc. will be permitted. Please leave these in your car where they can be put back on again afterwards.
  • The clinic will no longer accept cash payments. This means that it will be card payments only for the foreseeable future to reduce contact contamination. The contactless payment limit has been raised to £45 across the country so entering of PIN numbers will also not be necessary.
  • Patients who are vulnerable/shielding i.e. ‘at greater risk’ (see point 2 in ‘For Patients to Answer’) will be given priority at times immediately after opening and immediately after break times.
  • Once the treatment visit has concluded and rebooking has taken place, I will escort you to the front door. Please allow me to once again open/close all doors to avoid any contact contamination.
  • Please also use hand sanitiser as you leave the clinic, the same dispenser as when you arrived.
  • Appointment cards will no longer be provided so please make a note of your appointment as clinic policy on missed/cancelled appointments will be more important than ever. If you are unaware of this policy then please don’t hesitate to ask me.
  • Please avoid use of public transport as your means of attending your treatment. This will greatly reduce the risk of spreading infection to yourselves, your family, myself and mine.

Further Mitigating Actions

  • I will be wearing recommended approved PPE for each and every treatment visit. These will be disposable and changed after each and every treatment. It will consist of gloves, apron and face mask. Please don’t be alarmed, it may seem a bit different at first but it will still just be me behind the mask and I think we will get used to it very quickly.
  • The treatment table will be thoroughly cleaned after each and every treatment with disinfectant and disposable paper towels.
  • Although great care has been taken to reduce any contact from patients and various surfaces, any surfaces that are touched will also be cleaned immediately after that treatment has finished. This will also be done periodically throughout the day as a matter of course.
  • Disposable head roll will now be used along side table disinfecting.
  • NHS/government posters will be displayed just to remind us all of our responsibilities.

Before attending the clinic please confirm below that you have read this statement and that you are happy to proceed with your appointment on this basis.

I hope that all of the above is clear and not too daunting. If not, then please don’t hesitate to contact me on 01268 786290 and I will answer any queries that you may have.

Things will be different for some time, I predict. If you have read and understood the above, and are happy, please confirm below. In spite of these changes your experience at Help to Health will always be welcoming, friendly and professional.

Let’s all get through this together and hopefully soon things will start to revert to some sense of normality.

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