New Beginnings

Help To Health Chiropractic RayleighHello, and a big warm welcome to anyone visiting my webpage or viewing my newsletter for the very first time. The blog section of my webpage has been set up to keep patients, or prospective patients, up to date with any new thoughts/ideas/techniques that I as a chiropractor or the chiropractic profession have to offer.

Sometimes I may be making a serious point about health/exercises, or giving advice on the correct ways of performing daily activities. On other occasions however, it may just be a bit of fun (with a chiropractic twist of course!).

Well, lets get started! New beginnings, as the title says, is very apt as the last few weeks have been an extremely busy time for me, setting up this brand new clinic on the outskirts of Rayleigh. Previously I worked locally for 8 years treating a wide array of conditions from the big toe right up to the top of the neck!

And while I’ve been setting up this new clinic I have gained a new-found respect for those of you who have already set up your own business or have been involved in helping in some way. Take it from me, if you haven’t experienced this then you would be excused for doing what I did, which was to massively underestimate exactly how much hard work it takes to achieve.

However, during this time, I didn’t once neglect my quick and regular daily exercise routine. Believe me, having been painting or decorating, or one of the other 1001 things on the check list (I’ve led a sheltered life), at times there was nothing more that I wanted to do than to just say “oh, just missing today won’t hurt – I’ll just rest up and I’ll be fine tomorrow and maybe I’ll do double”. Never going to happen!

Now if this is sounding familiar, don’t be too hard on yourself – I certainly won’t be wagging a finger at you in any case. We all have these thoughts as we are all human. But I’ll tell you what made me carry on, besides the fact that I’ve been a chiropractor for years and its been drummed into me –

Routine. This is the answer. Sounds too simple doesn’t it? But think about it. How much of your daily life is simply ‘routine’? Getting up? Brushing your teeth? Doing your hair (taking me less time as every day passes!)? – to name but a few examples. I’m sure you could think of a load more that are personal to you.

Over the years I have simply incorporated a few simple exercises that cater for all major muscle groups of the body into my daily routine. In fact, even though all I wanted to do was to crash on the sofa when I got home, it was this routine that made me wake up the next morning feeling a lot looser and a lot less stiff and achy.

And how long does each set of exercises take me? Less than 5 minutes. Less time than it takes to get dressed in the morning, or brew a good cup of coffee, or …. well, you get the point.

So although new beginnings can be fun and exciting, I guess old habits can be hard to break too, and thank goodness for that, as otherwise I would still be here with a paint roller in my hand rather than regaling you with my tales of good exercise routine technique.

Happy exercising, people – stay loose!